June 2019 Newsletter

Dear Friends of the Dharma, The hot days are now with us, and our bodies tell us we must slow down and keep hydrated. Perhaps this is also a good time for us to try meditating a bit more, slowing down our body and mind, going inward. Last month we honored Motherhood, and this month we revere our fathers. As I look at the picture of Wayne and his baby Lil’ Wayne, I am reminded of how precious it is…

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May 2019 Newsletter

Dear Friends of the Dharma, Already the warmer weather is felt as May begins, but we are still blessed with strong breezes to keep us comfortable. This is the month that brings Mother’s Day, and I send a wish and hope to all the women in our sangha and their families that their gift of motherhood be revered and bring them joy. Whether they have born children or not, women are generally the caregivers in the world. Let us take…

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April 2019 Newsletter

Dear friends of the Dharma, April always is a joyous month, as we begin by celebrating the birth of the Buddha. As we have done in the past, all members who attend this service are asked to bring flowers or a small plant to decorate the Baby Buddha table and our altar. We have been fortunate to have good weather every year for our sweet tea pouring ceremony, so I hope we do once more. But the greatest gift we…

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March 2019 Newsletter

Dear Friends of the Dharma, February was a busy month! But a lot of it focused around our beautiful new altar. I know all of you are as thrilled as I am to have received this gift. And I think now is a good time for us to improve our altar ritual practice together. For that reason i will devote 10-15 minutes each week after chanting for everyone to review how to perform at the altar and taking care of…

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February 2019 Newsletter

Dear Friends of the Dharma: Happy Asian New Year! As I write this I am nearing the end of our Winter Sutra Recitation practice. Marilee and I have been diligently doing it every day, and we will conclude with all of you at the February 3 Sunday Service. Don’t forget to bring your green, Gene Reeves, version of the Lotus Sutra on February 3. I can bring only 2 extra copies. I also hope many of you can come on…

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January 2019 Newsletter

Dear friends of the Dharma, Happy New Year! Best wishes for a happy, healthy, peaceful 2019. it seems hard to believe it was just a few weeks ago that I said goodbye to Rev. Fujita from all of us. Please take a few moments to read her farewell message to us. We also welcomed Rev. Hatakeyama to NY Church, and i hope we will all get to meet him soon. Please read his welcoming message as well. And finally, President…

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