Dear Friends of the Dharma,
The hot days are now with us, and our bodies tell us we must slow down and keep hydrated. Perhaps this is also a good time for us to try meditating a bit more, slowing down our body and mind, going inward. Last month we honored Motherhood, and this month we revere our fathers. As I look at the picture of Wayne and his baby Lil’ Wayne, I am reminded of how precious it is to have a child and raise it with love. Like a parent, I think i try yo guide, care, and love all of you in the sangha. We are like a family, and I am grateful for all of you. I would like tp suggest a new activity for our 5th Sundays when we are closed, and that is to participate in a Feeding the Homeless activity. I have found two on Sundays and they are both from 12-1. Please let me know how you feel about this idea and if you would like to try it. If we really find we like doing it, we could always do it every Sunday before services, but i think we need to try it once firt. Could be great for our sangha to do this together.