Dear Friends of the Dharma,
Happy New Year! I hope this year brings us all peace, happiness, and good health. Thank you again to those who helped in any way with the Feeding the Homeless event at the end of December. It was fantastic! Our next time will be in March. As this is a new year, President Niwano not only has his monthly Guidance for us, but also a New Year’s Message. We also begin our chanting of the entire Lotus Sutra at the end of this month and into the beginning of February. Please make note of the schedule for this. We will talk beforehand to see if any of you wish to do it together during the day at church. It is always a great experience to do it together. We will all be chanting together for the final day of chanting on Sunday, February 2. BEGINNING THIS MONTH WE WILL BE CHANTING ON SUNDAY FROM THE NEW KYOTEN, which I believe everyone has now. Please bring your new Kyoten to services beginning om Jan. 5 If possible, please try to order a copy of the new Lotus Sutra from Amazon if you plan to do the recitations at the end of the month. We need to become acquainted with it! We are also repeating the DVD a few of us watched in december, because it is very good and I think we all need to hear it. Hope to see you soon!