Dear Friends of the Dharma,
August brought us heat, storms, and visits to a few different places of worship. It was nice for our sangha to enjoy some activities outside of church, and thanks to all who participated. September brings the return of Dianne after Labor day, and Marilee late in the month. It will be good to have them back! We will have our Fall Memorial Service for all of our ancestors this month, so please give me your names by the 17th. We are all invited to a special event sponsored by the Interfaith Action Group on September 14, and I hope some of you can attend that. The next monthly meeting of the IAG will be on Monday, September 11 from 7:00-8:30pm in the Community Room at the Islamic Center for Peace, 8359 Beacon, Fort Myers 33907, and you are always welcome to attend. We will be having a Memorial Service for Cofounder Myoko on the 10th, and I hope to share some of her RK wisdom with you at that servive, or we may join RKNY for that. Stay cool, stay dry.
May you be free from hate,
May you be free from fear,
May you be free from ignorance,
May all beings be safe and protected.