Dear Friends of the Dharma,
Pennee and I were thrilled to see so many of you on Skype during the celebration of the 35th Anniversary of NY Church, along with our dharma friends in Orlando. We truly enjoyed the experience of being with so many of the NY members from many areas, as well as hearing Eiko-san’s incredible testimonial, Rev. Nagashima’s talk on Buddha nature, and Rev. Fujita’s closing words. But now our work continues. On Nov. 2 Marilee and I go to Japan so she may receive her Gohonzon statue. This means she has reached a certain level of practice, but of course all of you have helped her on this path. We will all be with her when she receives this and sees RK headquarters for the first time. The joy some of you felt when you were in Japan last year will now be her joy, too. While our center will be closed on the5th due to this occasion, we have many other important events this month. I hope to see many of you for that. Enjoy the cooler temperatures, beautiful sunsets, and every moment of life. Gassho, Mary