Dear Friends of the Dharma,
In May we remembered our mother who gave us birth and recollected upon the Mother of All Buddhas, Kannon or Kwan Yin. This month we revere our dear fathers, also without whom we would not have our precious life. Let us be grateful to them as well. Let me close with some words from Founder Niwano:
“Imagine a net with a thousand openings, one of which is you. Are you worth only one-thousandth of the whole net? Far from it. All the other openings in the net support the one that is you, just as you support the rest of the net. If the thread that creates the opening that is you breaks, the whole net will be affected. Acknowledge this interdependency and you can at last begin to think about what you should be doing for those around you.” P. 78, Buddhism for Everday Life.