Today Marilee, Ian, and I completed the Winter Recitation of the Lotus Sutra, with Dianne and Wayne also coming when they were able. As every year, it is a wonderful experience and it makes one feel clean, fresh, and ready to tackle the year ahead. But above all we are left with the joy of being reassured of buddhahood and feel the support of all the buddhas and bodhisattvas throughout time. I hope some of you tried to do it on your own, and hope that you can try to join us next year. Marilee, Ian, Dianne, and I also attended the Interfaith Lunch/Panel yesterday, and there was a heated discussion over the topic of Jerusalem being the capital of Israel. I ma proud that our group is active with this interfaith work in Fort Myers and Lee County. If you have any loved ones that passed away during the month of February, please give me their names by Sunday, Feb. 4. Hope to see you this month!!