Dear Friends of the Dharma,

This letter is being written on the last day of the Winter Sutra Recitation practice. I am so proud of the many of you that took the time to come and share this experience: Marilee, Ian, Pennee, Alice, Nick, and Dianne. Whether you did the whole sutra or not this year, be assured that your efforts will bear good fruits. I am so grateful and proud of all of you! For those that could not participate, our efforts will help all of us to be a better, stronger sangha. This month of February we will have many activities, so please check our events below. Also note that we continue remembering our ancestors every month as part of our year-long theme of Gratitude. Any of you that have a family member or dear one that passed in February, please send me their names ASAP. RKNY Church will have the Memorial Service on Feb. 9th. We will be revisiting our Mindful Meditation DVD course again at the end of this month.