Dear Friends of the Dharma,
Last month began with Marilee and I going to Japan so she could receive her Gohonzon statue. As you can see from the pictures on our Homepage, this was a solemn, joyous, and incredible moment. As well as receiving the Gohonzon in a beautiful ceremony, Marilee, along with other English-speaking members, was taken on a pre-service tour of some of the important sites at RK headquarters. The first picture of Marilee shows her standing between the statues of Co-Founder and Founder that is found on the grounds of the original headquarters building. The other picture shows Marilee bowing reverently in front of the Founder’s stupa located near his Museum at headquarter. Seeing these sites and taking part in hozas both before and after the ceremony prepared all of our minds and hearts for this special occasion. I am very grateful to have been with Marilee for this moment, and I know it is a life-changing event for her. Her wonderful sharing of her experience gave all of the sangha joy and understanding of this precious experience. We have now finished our Thanksgiving holiday and feel ourselves racing quickly toward Christmas and the New Year. Let us make sure we take time to be grateful for all we have and to continue to share ourselves with others. The gifts we give and receive during this time are nothing compared with the sharing of our time with those in need. This may be just listening closely to another, spending a short visit with someone, or calling that person we have been avoiding. Ponder President Niwano’s Guidance for this month, as he askes us to help restore harmony in the world and “become egoless.” Love and peace to you, Mary