March 2017 Newsletter

Dear Friends of the Dharma, The days are getting a bit longer and warmer. Spring in Florida is a subtle season that gradually brings the heat and humidity that will be here for some time. Let us enjoy these remaining days of sweetness, coolness at night. March 2017 is another busy month. We begin with our Service for the 79th Anniversary of the Founding of Rissho Kosei-kai. Let us think about the significance of RK in our lives. I hope…

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February 2017 Newsletter

Dear Friends of the Dharma, This letter is being written on the last day of the Winter Sutra Recitation practice. I am so proud of the many of you that took the time to come and share this experience: Marilee, Ian, Pennee, Alice, Nick, and Dianne. Whether you did the whole sutra or not this year, be assured that your efforts will bear good fruits. I am so grateful and proud of all of you! For those that could not…

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January 2017 Newsletter

Dear Friends of the Dharma, A new year! What will it bring? For certain, our old friend, Impermanence. Will we be able to accept this? As Buddhist practitioners, we must. In fact, we must embrace change. Not easy, but part of our practice. Also part of our practice as members of Rissho Kosei-kai is the annual Winter Chanting of the Lotus Sutra. This will take place from January 22-31, with details to come in a future email. This is our…

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