Visit to Fort Myers from Rev. Fujita, June 2017

On June 8, 2017 Rev. Fujita, Yasuko, and Yoshi from RKNY Church visited Fort Myers. We got to enjoy them for a whole day on June 9. The highlight of the visit was a meeting at member Marilee’s home, with Pennee also attending. Thank you, RKNY Church!!

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Buddha’s Birthday 2017

On Sunday, April 9, our sangha celebrated the birth of the Buddha. Everyone who attended brought flowers to decorate the baby Buddha table, making it a glorious display. Following our chanting service we assembled outside by the baby Buddha table, and each member poured three ladles of sweet tea over the baby Buddha, reciting the o-daimoku each time. You can see from our faces how joyful we are!

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Sangha Members at Interfaith Action Group

On February 6 Nick Orlando, Jen Yontz-Orlando, Marilee Kaufman, and Dharma Teacher/Leader Mary Tracy Sigman attended the monthly meeting of the Interfaith Action Group of Southwest Florida. We meet the first Monday of every month to create awareness and appreciation of the different spiritual traditions in our community.

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Our First Celebration of Buddha’s Birthday

On an absolutely beautiful April 6, our Fort Myers sangha celebrated Buddha’s Birthday for the first time. Folllowing our usual Sunday service, we met in the courtyard and each of us took turns pouring sweet tea over the baby Buddha. We all felt great joy in our hearts from participating in this ceremony.

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