Dear Friends of the Dharma,
As I write this, Tropical Storm Emily is unexpectedly bringing our area some pretty rough weather. I hope all of you will be safe during the next few days. If you take a look at RKNY’s newsletter that I also send to you, you will read Rev. Fujita’s comments about her visit to us in June. As you can see from our July website photos we had a lovely and heartfelt Urabon-e/Ullambana Memorial Service for our Ancestors. This month of August we return to the Monthly Memorial Service, so if you have any loved ones that passed during the month of August, please let me know by Aug. 9. RKNY will recite the names at their service on Aug. 11. This month we will be having a special service for World Peace. We will also have another Skype Study Session with RKNY, and we will close out the month with the next lesson in our Mindful Meditation DVD Course. Please note the Events listed below for dates.

During July we reviewed our RK Ritual Practice. As we do our daily sutra recitation at our home altars, let us try to practice these mindful movements, making them a true part of our Buddhist practice. Slowly we will coordinate our efforts into a beautiful service every Sunday and every day of our lives. Gassho.